MLS Cup 2011 Playoffs online package illustrates power of digital-only content

The MLS Cup 2011 Playoffs online package is an easy-to-navigate online package found on

The clean layout of the MLS Cup 2011 Playoff package allows for easy navigation.

Visually, it is bright, appealing to look at and functionally clear.  Its graphics feature the warm yellow and rich blue that decorate L.A. Galaxy’s kit, paying homage to the host city’s club.

In addition to box scores and schedules for the playoffs, essential elements of the digital feature, there are several tabs to help the avid soccer fan find exactly what it is they are looking for.  Visitors can watch the highlights from last night’s matches, follow an instant stream of what other soccer fans are tweeting on Twitter via the hashtag #MLSCup, or even purchase tickets to the next game.

I would assume the exclusive videos draw the most visitors to the package.  Behind the scenes features, interviews and highlights are featured for every playoff game.  Few other sites feature so much video content to their viewers, must have the industry tapped in that respect.

This package is far more appealing to navigate through than finding each individual item on It makes sure every piece of the MLS Cup is interconnected seamlessly.

I don’t think the story could have worked this well had it not been displayed in a one-stop-shop kind of package. Fans want to know every detail of the competition quickly, and this package facilitates that quite well.

The “legacy” newsroom coverage is Newsstand (a daily compilation of all media surrounding the league and its players sent out via email).  Major League Soccer releases its news via Newsstand and Only could the league illustrate the entire story of the 2011 MLS Cup Playoffs via An emailed report could not feature the same key pieces of the narrative, like a live Twitter feed.

Where Newsstand thrives on written content, the website package comes alive through visuals, videos and instant updates.


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